Buying your first new construction home - Part 1

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The Home Buying Process - Part 1

First of all, let me state the obvious,  buying a home is a huge investment.  Going on a new construction home journey can be filled with excitement, anticipation and sometimes it can be stressful.  Mostly, it should be fun. You get to choose, your homesite, floorplan, options and interior finishes, so you are in reality creating your own customized home.  Because building a home has so many steps and moving parts, it helps to understand the process before you dive in.

If you go into the transaction with knowledge (and a lot of patience and a positive attitude), it will make the experience a lot better.  Production builders work very efficiently and have the process streamlined, for the most part.  It may SEEM like it takes forever to get the home built, but remember, trades and crews must be coordinated, and local code officials have to perform inpections during construction.  Sometimes materials may not arrive in time, or bad weather prohibits work.  All of these factors may impact your building timeline.  Also, it may not look like anything is happening, but I assure you there are a lot of behind the scenes events happening to get the job done such as ordering permits, getting the lot ready to build on, getting the correct floorplans and option packages out to the trades, etc.  There is the cabinet company, plumbing installers, countertop company, framers, foundation company, painters, roofers, just to name a few of the trades who will work on your home.  They all have a schedule to follow. On an average the buildtime is about 6 months give or take depending on the size and detail of the home.  Builders do factor in extra time for any delays that may occur along the way and they will tell you the APPROXIMATE closing date up front.  This date is not finalized until much closer to actual completion of the home.   

So, now you have an idea of what to look forward to, we can take a look more closely at the steps and major stages in the process.  Some of the stages will require your input, amd the rest are on the various crews, and the on-site sales representative to complete.  Each builder varies some on their process, but they should be explaining and communicating with you regularly from start to finish.

We will start with Neighborhood Selection in Part 2 next week.